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Our Apple Serial Number decoder was created to identify any Apple product based on its serial. We analyze a serial number to provide a breakdown of Mac’s specs that can be used when researching. To decode any Mac serial number type the model number (i.e. A278), order number (i.e. MA255LL/A), or Apple serial number in the search field above. Our system will decode the serial number to identify the type of Apple device you have. Our Lookup will provide a detailed report including your Mac’s specs, production dates, and technical specifications related to your hardware and software. If the system is not able to detect your model, please submit any information you have on it, and we’ll add it to our database.

What are Apple Tech Specs and why should I care?

Tech Specs, short for Technical Specifications, refer to detailed information about the hardware and features of Apple devices. These specifications provide insights into the capabilities and performance of the product.

Understanding Tech Specs is crucial as it helps buyers make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s processing power, storage capacity, or camera capabilities, these details empower users to choose a product that aligns with their requirements.

Therefore, understanding Apple’s specs and configurations can help ensure you buy the right Mac or when you need to repair a Macbook Pro or Air and not overpay when buying a used or refurbished Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, or iPad.

Apple Tech Specs cover a range of details, including processor speed, RAM capacity, storage options, camera specifications, display features, and more. These specifics give you a comprehensive overview of what the product offers in terms of performance and functionality.

All the tech specs provided for our refurbished Apple products are accurate and reliable. We keep updating on a timely basis and take pride in offering transparent and detailed information to ensure our customers have a clear understanding of the product they are purchasing. We understand the value of historical information. We have the tech specs for the discontinued vintage Apple products, however, if you can not find one, feel free to reach out to our customer support team, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Where can I find the Tech Specs for refurbished Apple products on Techable?

At Techable, accessing the detailed Technical Specifications (Tech Specs) for our curated collection of refurbished Apple products is a seamless process. Follow these steps to make an informed decision before making a purchase:

  • Go to the search bar and type in the Apple product name, or model number (eg: A2780) you are searching for. Or you can scroll down a bit and you will click on the specific Apple product you are interested in. Once on the product page, you’ll find a dedicated section labeled “Tech Specs.”
  • Within the “Tech Specs” section, you’ll discover comprehensive details about the device, including processor specifications, RAM capacity, storage options, camera features, and more.
  • Utilize the Tech Specs to compare different products and select the one that best aligns with your preferences and requirements.
  • If you have any specific questions or need further clarification about the Tech Specs, our customer support team is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us through the provided channels on our website.

At Techable, we prioritize transparency and want our customers to have all the necessary information to confidently choose the right refurbished Apple product for their needs.

What information is typically included in Apple tech specs?

Apple Tech Specs typically include detailed information about various aspects of a device’s hardware and features. This encompasses details such as the processor type and speed, RAM capacity, storage options, display specifications, camera features, battery life estimates, connectivity options, operating system version, physical dimensions, and additional features like sensors. These specifications help users make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements when selecting an Apple device.

How can I compare tech specs between different Apple products?

To compare tech specs between different Apple products on Techable:

  • Go to the Apple Lookup section on
  • Write down the model number you want to search for or select the products you want to compare and access their pages.
  • Locate the “Tech Specs” section on each product page.
  • Note key components like processor, RAM, storage, display, camera, and battery.
  • Open multiple tabs or windows to compare tech specs side-by-side.
  • Consider your priorities and preferences in terms of features.
  • Check for variations within specific models or product lines.
  • Read product descriptions on Techable for additional insights.

By following these steps on Techable’s website, you can make informed decisions about refurbished Apple products.



Do older Apple devices have outdated tech specs? What should I do?

The tech specs of older Apple devices may be considered outdated compared to the latest models, affecting aspects like performance, software updates, camera, display technology, and connectivity. However, whether they are suitable depends on individual user needs and budget constraints. Older devices can still function well for specific tasks and offer a cost-effective option, especially if cutting-edge features are not a priority.

Users should assess their intended use and prioritize features accordingly when choosing between older and newer Apple devices. If you need the latest technology and features, opting for a newer device such as MacBook Pro M2 Max is advisable. However, if performance requirements are moderate, older Apple devices can still provide a functional and economical solution.




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